of families are experiencing poverty in Mexico


of those children do not speak English due to the lack of resources available at their school


of children drop out by high school

About The Project

Part One: Educational Supplies

Around the world, having an education can change lives. In Mexico, children are often forced to drop out of school to generate an income to support themselves and their families. It is our philosophy that children belong in school. Our goal is to help at-risk youth to obtain an education which will give them the knowledge and skills necessary for improving their lives and their communities. We do this by giving educational necessities to students and teachers, as well as talking to students about the importance of education.

The Schools

Some of the schools that we work with are a part of DIF, the Mexico social service agency. They house children aged 10 to 17 that have been subjected to immigration issues, lack birth certificates, were homeless, or experienced abuse. We also provide educational necessities to other rural schools around Mexico whose primary student body is comprised of underprivileged children.

Part Two: Empowering Youth

The second component of our mission is to give youth in Canada an opportunity to build important skills and gain critical experience. The Youth Connection allows students volunteering in Canada the autonomy of running their own club in order to fundraise and raise awareness of our mission. This allows them to build leadership skills, communication skills, time management skills, and creativity, preparing them for their future co-op and job applications.

Raising Awareness

The Youth Connection aims to spread awareness amongst youth groups in Canada about the detriments youth beyond our borders are facing. It is important to us that Canadian youth become aware of their positions of privilege and power, and use that for the greater good. We hope to inspire youth nationally to spread kindness, volunteer, and give to others who are less fortunate!

To support our mission, The Youth Connection hosts events, fundraisers, and awareness exhibitions in various cities across Canada.

Executive Team

Arielle Grinberg

CEO & Founder

Kyla Lee


Kayla Fiala


Ronen Ackerman


Sara Bozin

Social Media Content Creator

Western Team

Owen Thurston


Elizabeth Bae

Managing Director

Nicou Alizadeh

Managing Director

Tessa Kolar

Managing Director

Michelle Dimech, Elizabeth Fishman

VP Promotions

Zach Ingram, Emily Thomas, Nicou Alizadeh, Gareth Lau

Sponsorship Team

Brooke Schneider, Jennifer Coo, Celia McGlynn, Cindy Zhang, Lauren Mar

VP Events

Alvina Lin, Dollar Luo, Jaryd Tong, Kate Park, Corey Chan, Liam Gillanders, Michelle Nyugyen, Britney Messam, Zuzanna Soczewska, Jun Huang, Victoria Iaboni

Events Team

Waterloo Team

Maya Zaidman


Colleen Yu

VP Communications

Tiana Bentley-Dittmar

VP Promotions

Rainen Oates, Veronica Alonso, Natalie Fernandez, Andrea Chakma

VP Events

Iman Salehi, Shalia Mangalam, Sanghy Ramani, Marion Lee, Takudzwa Mudzongo, Cole Zelle, Saurabh Kishore, Menda Tesfaye-Visser, Windy Tang, Hillary Leung, Anita Hu

Events Team

Gurjot Riat, Hannah Bauer, Marley Dametto

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Windsor Team

Kayla Fiala, Ryley Clifford

President & Vice President

Rachel Shiells, Jenna Fiala

Managing Directors

Kristie matte, Nadia Washington, Rachel Shiells, Noor Jajo

Team 1

Skyla Froese, Therese Lasala, Margi Padiyar, Akshay Gupta, Mathula K

Team 2

Sandy Joseph, Nasreen Sussi, Gagneet Kaur, Aman Pathak, Rebekah James

Team 3

Victoria Ianucci, Sarah Hearn, Natasha Kitka, Angela Montaleone

Team 4

Nathan Salvati, Reid Stieler, Sebastian Hebert, Spencer Wear, Dylan Maitre (CFO)

Sponsorship Team

Sept 2019 • Downtown Toronto

The first annual event bringing together all TYC members for learning experiences including information sessions, workshops, activities, and community & alumni speakers.

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