of families are experiencing poverty in Mexico


of Mexican children do not speak any other language but Spanish


of those children do not speak English due to the lack of resources available at their school

About The Project

In Mexico, speaking English can change lives. The majority of the economy in Playa Del Carmen, where our projects are based, flourishes from tourism. Being able to speak English is a valuable asset that provides job opportunities. However, the economy is unstable. Children are often left on the streets to earn livings for their families, selling trinkets. It is our philosophy that young children belong in school. And this is where The Youth Connection steps in. 

The DIF School

The school that we worked with is a part of DIF, the Mexico social service agency. It houses children aged 10 to 17 that were subject to immigration issues, often lacked birth certificates and proper visas, experienced abuse at home, or were homeless.

Part One: School Supplies

Part one of our mission is providing adequate school supplies. The students at the DIF school are not always equipped with the proper school supplies they need. Volunteers in Playa Del Carmen are also tasked with purchasing and distributing school supplies to students in need.

Part Two: Teaching English

Part two of our mission is to build the students’ confidence speaking English. Team members of The Youth Connection fly to Playa del Carmen, where they work one-on-one with teachers and students at the DIF schools to help better prepare them for their future careers.

To support our mission, The Youth Connection hosts events, fundraisers, and awareness exhibitions in various cities across Ontario.

The Team

Kyla Lee & Arielle Grinberg

President & Founder

Owen Thurston

Management Director

Kayla Fiala

Management Director

Vanessa Bullock, Nicou Alizadeh, Sunmin Oh, David Joohan Kim, Jennifer Coo & Catherine Chiappetta

VP Events

Brooke Schneider, Rohan Noronha, Eunji Bae, Celia McGlynn, Sydney Johnston, Cindy Zhang, Lauren Mar & Ala Manseer

Events Team

Jay Manis, Tariq Keshavji & Tausif Syed

VP Sponsorship & Sponsorship Team

Tessa Kolar

VP Communications

Elizabeth Fishman

VP Promotions

Aaron Mansoor


The Youth Connection, Executive Team 2017-2018


Contact Us

If you are interested in getting involved, please do not hesitate to send us an email at info@theyouthconnection.ca.